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The Department of General Services, Public Works, is soliciting Applications For Qualification to satisfy a need for project specific construction activities.  The purpose of the Application for Qualification (AFQ) is to qualify Construction Contracting Firms who can demonstrate their understanding and experience relative to the scope of the specfic project(s) and construction disciplines requested.  The Application for Qualification will provide contractors (i.e., General, HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical, etc.) with sufficient information to enable them to prepare and submit an Application for Qualification for the project(s) issued.  Interested Construction Contracting Firms should submit AFQ proposals to the Issuing Officer.


Please Note:  All documents relative to the currently advertised projects will be posted to this website only, (I.E. Bulletins, Addendum, Revisions), it is the responsibility of the firm's planning to submit an Application for Qualification to check this site regularly for any project documentation updates or changes prior to the submission deadlines.


DGS 948-53, Phase 7 - DGS Security System Upgrades For Capitol Complex & Auxiliary Sites Under The Capitol Police Jurisdiction, Various Locations & Counties, PA




DGS 948-39, Phase 3 - Upgrades to the Labor & Industry Data Center Electrical Substation #9, Labor and Industry Building, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, PA

DGS 928-1.5, Phase 1 - Audio Video Program For The Philadelphia Family Court, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA

DGS 409-62, Phase 1 - Renovation and Construction of a Science and Math Center, Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, Clinton County, PA

DGS 975-7, Phase 1 - Restoration and Stabilization of Cornwall Iron Furnace, Cornwall, Lebanon County, PA








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