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    Public Works
    Bureau of Construction

    Daniel H. Weinzierl, Director
    18th & Herr Streets, 3rd Floor, Arsenal Bldg.

    Harrisburg, PA 17125

    The Department of General Services supervises, coordinates and oversees the design, bidding and construction of a wide range of State improvement projects totaling hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

    The Public Works Deputate accomplishes its mission by providing planning, budget management, resources, coordination, guidance and leadership to its bureaus: Engineering and Architecture, Professional Selections and Administrative Services and Construction. While each bureau operates under its own unique support function, all bureaus work together as a team and share resources to accomplish the Deputates overall mission.
    Once projects have been awarded, the Bureau of Construction provides contract administration, inspects and manages each project to deliver a quality product that is on time and within budget.

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    Western Region:
     530 William Pitt Way
     Pittsburgh, PA 15238   
     Tele: (412) 820-0215   
     Rebecca Schoone, Regional Director 
    Central Region:
     18th & Herr Streets
     First Floor., Room 103
     Tent Building
     Harrisburg, PA 17125   
     Tele: (717) 787-6984   
     Joshua N. Reynolds, Regional Director 
    Eastern Region
     1 Tek Park,
     Suite 100
     9999 Hamilton Boulevard
     Breinigsville, PA  18031 
     Tele: (610)-871-0233
     Fax:  (610)-871-0234   
     Mike Hudzik, Regional Director

    FAQ - Construction Projects In Progress  
    Q:  I am a subcontractor or vendor that isn’t being paid by a Prime contractor. What can the Commonwealth do to help?
    A:  The Commonwealth can, when requested in writing.
    Q:  Do all State projects fall under the Prevailing Wage law?
    A:  Yes.
    Q:  Does DGS maintain a current Bidders List?
    A:  No.
    Q:  Is the Federal “Freedom of Information Act” the same as the PA Right-to-Know law?
    A:  No, but similiar.
    Q:  Does the Federal “Buy American Act” or NAFTA supersede the PA Steel Procurement Act?
    A:  No.
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