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The Department requests that consumers attempt to resolve their complaints directly with the financial institution or licensee.  If you are not satisfied with the response, a complaint may be filed with the Consumer Services Division.  It is important to note that the Department does not regulate all financial institutions doing business in Pennsylvania.  To find out if a particular entity is regulated by the Department, use the following links. 

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1.800.PA.BANKS (toll-free in PA)
Monday – Friday during regular business hours

Inquiries and complaints that do not include any pertinent documentation can also be filed using our online complaint/inquiry formFor complaints related to securities, please complete and send/fax to us the Investor Complaint Form. In order to assist us in requesting and receiving information and documents on your behalf, please complete and send/fax to us the Third Party Authorization Form.

Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities, Consumer Services Division
17 N Second Street, Suite 1300
Harrisburg, PA 17101-2290
Fax: 717.787.8773

Be sure to include:
     • Your name and address, including ZIP code.
     • Daytime telephone number.
     • Copies of pertinent documents.  Do not send originals.
     • A concise description of the facts leading to the complaint.  
     • A statement describing the result you are seeking.

When documenting a complaint, it is also important to maintain a log of telephone conversations; including the name, title, and contact number of the person you spoke with, as well as the date and what was discussed. 

In order to assist us in requesting and receiving information and documents on your behalf, please complete and send/fax to us the Third Party Authorization Form.


What Happens Next?
A member of our Consumer Services staff will contact you regarding your complaint/inquiry as soon as possible and may require additional information or clarification.  Please ensure that the Department is able to respond effectively to your complaint/inquiry by providing all requested information and important facts/circumstances pertaining to the complaint/inquiry being filed. The Department deems any information provided to the Department of Banking and Securities to be confidential and will not release such information without your permission or unless disclosure is authorized or required under the law.

Upon receipt of a written complaint, the Consumer Services Division will send a copy of the complaint to the financial institution or licensee, which then has 30 days to provide a written response to the Consumer Services Division.  The length of time it takes to resolve a matter will depend on the complexity of the issues, whether we need any additional information, and the number of complaints the Consumer Services Division receives.  If you have an emergency situation such as the imminent loss of your home, please contact us by telephone.

Confidential Complaints
If the consumer does not want a financial institution or licensee to read the complaint, the Consumer Services Division will honor that request.  Be sure to clearly state your wishes in the complaint.  Confidential complaints will not receive a response from the Consumer Services Division.  Instead, the complaint may be filed for review by Department examiners at the next regularly scheduled examination.

Factual Disputes
A factual dispute arises when a complainant and the financial institution or licensee cannot agree on what actually happened, and there is no documentation to sufficiently verify either party’s claim.  The Consumer Services Division does not have the authority to act as a judge in these instances.  Additionally, not all problems can be resolved through regulatory assistance.  In these instances, the Consumer Services Division may suggest the resolution of a complaint be pursued through private legal counsel or other mediation or arbitration.  Persons without means to hire counsel may qualify for Legal Aid assistance.