Who We Regulate

The Pennsylvania Department of Banking and Securities oversees a wide variety of financial institutions and financial service companies, including:

      •  State-Chartered Banks, Bank & Trust Companies, Savings Banks
      •  State-Chartered Credit Unions 
      •   State-Chartered Savings Associations 
      •  State-Chartered Trust Companies 

      •  Check Cashers 

      •  Consumer Discount Companies (non-mortgage)
      •  Credit Services Loan Brokers 
      •  Debt Management 
      •  Money Transmitters 
      •  Mortgage Licensees

      •  Pawnbrokers 

      •  Motor Vehicle Finance Companies

In October 2012, the department also began oversight of entities and professionals in the securities industry, including  Broker-Dealers, Investment Advisers and Notice Filers.

If you have a question or complaint about a state-chartered financial institution or licensed entity, contact our Consumer Services Division. If you have a question or complaint about a securities representative, you can use FINRA BrokerCheck.

It is important to note that the Department of Banking and Securities does not regulate all financial institutions doing business in Pennsylvania. 

If the institution has the word "national" in its name or "N.A." after its name), you should contact the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

If the institution is a credit union with the word “federal” in its name, you should contact the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).