Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity

Tax evasion is a crime that hurts all Pennsylvanians, because when taxpayers don’t pay their fair shares, it decreases the revenue available to fund essential state programs and services.

If you suspect tax fraud, report the activity directly to the PA Department of Revenue, including as much detail as possible, using the Web form below, emailing, calling 717-783-4649 or writing to the address below:

Department of Revenue
Bureau of Criminal Tax Investigations
5th Floor Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA  17128

You can submit tips anonymously, but documentation and supporting evidence are helpful to investigations.

Below are some examples of tax fraud:

  • Out-of-state vendors who deliver into PA using their own trucks, install product in PA and/or repair and service products in PA are required to collect sales tax on sales delivered into Pennsylvania.  If you know of a company like this failing to collect sales tax, report the company to the department.
  • Sales tax must be separately stated on the invoice or receipt provided other customer.  Report to the department any vendor that indicates sales tax is included in the sales price or fails to provide sales receipts.

 Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity