PCCD Telephone Numbers

Executive Offices
Linda Rosenberg, Executive Director 
Including Press Office, Legislative Affairs, Legal Office
(717) 705-0888

Office of Financial Management and Administration
Derin Myers, Director
Including Grants Management, Financial Administration and Administrative Services
(717) 787-8077

Office of Criminal Justice System Improvements
Robert Merwine, Director
Including Local Services & Technology Development, Criminal Justice System Development & Services and Information Technology Planning & Services
(717) 787-5152

Bureau of Training Services
John Pfau, Manager
Including Constables’ & Deputy Sheriffs’ Training and Crime Prevention
(717) 705-3693

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
John Frain, Director
(717) 787-8559
(877) 772-5437

Office of Victims' Services
Lynn Shiner, Director
Victims' Services Program
(717) 783-0551

Victims' Compensation Assistance Program
(717) 783-5153
(800) 233-2339

Office of Research, Evaluation, and Strategic Policy Development
Including Evaluation, Data Management and Research
(717) 705-3696

Pennsylvania Weed and Seed
(717) 787-2040

Egrants Support
(717) 787-5887

Philadelphia Safe Schools Advocate