PID E-mail Addresses


E-mail addresses, listed in alphabetical order:

Administrative Hearings Office


Agency Open Records Officer (AORO)


Anti-Fraud Initiatives


Auto CAT Fund


Companies (general questions)


Compliance Issues (Insurance Producer Licensees, not Mcare - see below)


Consumer Services

Ask a Question or Submit a Complaint Online


Enforcement Actions


Federal Health Care Reform Questions


Financial Analysis


Insurance Commissioner


Liquidated / Rehabilitated Companies


Market Actions


Market Surveillance


Mcare Fund Abatement Repayment Account  


Mcare Fund Non-Compliance Issues


Mcare Fund Policy Questions


Mcare Fund Remittance Information


Mcare Fund Underwriting Questions


PA Health Options


Policy Office  


Press Office  


Producer Services


Public Room  


Rates and Forms


Right to Know Officer  


Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF)


Workers’ Compensation Security Fund (WCSF)