Booking Centers Questions

  • Q. Are there different mandates being placed on the new Booking Centers than were previously imposed on the counties? Is this simply an opportunity to cover the cost of processing?

    A. PCCD is responsible for developing the required technical standards for the operation of booking centers. We are currently in the process of working with the Pennsylvania State Police, the PA Chiefs of Police Association, JNET and other agencies in the development of these standards. These standards will be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin in the very near future. Counties will be required to submit information to PCCD which demonstrates their compliance with the technical standards and PCCD will notify the AOPC at such time that the technical aspects of the county plan meet or exceed the standards set by PCCD. When a county receives approval from PCCD, they will be authorized to use booking center fees to operate and maintain the booking center. Since the vast majority of the equipment that is currently being used in existing booking centers was purchased with PCCD funds awarded to and administered by the PA Chiefs of Police Association, it is anticipated that most of the counties will meet the technical standards. (Jim Strader)