Miscellaneous Questions

  • Q. 54: Re: Inmate information, it was stated that the use of electronic records is encouraged. Is there a procedure in place for this to happen? (Not covered during webinar.)

    A. No procedure is presently in place. Judicial agencies, DOC and local agencies will need to cooperate in expanding the use of electronic records. (Mary McDaniel)

  • Q. Will there be video conferencing from the SCI to the County Courts? (Not covered during webinar)

    A. DOC presently has video conferencing capabilities and is prepared to use it. However, the county court must also have access to video conferencing equipment in order to complete the process.  (Mary McDaniel)

  • Q. Act 84 defined a process for the automated exchange of required information. Is the PA DOC the lead agency to produce and install this or some other application? Will data exchanges between counties also be included? (Not covered during webinar.)

    A. DOC is the lead agency for producing and installing the automated exchange applications. DOC indicated that data exchange capabilities between counties will be included when the system is installed. (Mary McDaniel)

  • Q. What training has been done for prosecutors, judges, and others concerning Act 81?

    A. The presentations below were done by the Sentencing Commission. Many of the presentations included information on both the reform legislation and the Commission's revised sentencing guidelines; the presentations were generally 2-hour presentations, and CLE-approved, although several were six-hour sentencing seminars. (Mark Bergstrom)

    Regional CJAB Sessions (PCCD/PCS)

    12/02/08 - Southeast
    12/09/08 - West
    12/11/08 - Northeast
    12/16/08 - Southcentral

    Presentations (PCS staff)

    12/03/08 - Harrisburg (Regional)
    12/10/08 - Dauphin County District Attorney's Office
    12/12/08 - Allegheny County Public Defender’s Office
    12/19/08 - Centre County Courts
    12/19/08 - Northumberland County Courts
    01/21/09 - Philadelphia Criminal Court Judges
    01/22/09 - Dauphin County Courts
    01/23/09 - Schuylkill County Courts
    01/26/09 - Beaver County Courts
    1/27/09 - Northampton County Courts
    01/27/09 - PBI/Philadelphia Bar Association (panel)
    01/29/09 - Montgomery County Bar Association
    01/30/09 - Cumberland County Bar Association
    02/03/09 - Blair County Courts
    02/06/09 - York County Courts
    02/13/09 - Lehigh County Courts
    02/20/09 - Philadelphia Courts (law clerks)
    02/21/09 - Conference of State Trial Judges (panel)
    02/26/09 - Lancaster County Courts
    03/04/09 - Lehigh Valley (regional)
    03/04/09 - Huntingdon County Courts
    03/12/09 - Clinton County Courts
    03/12/09 - Philadelphia District Attorney's Office
    03/19/09 - Bucks County Bar Association
    03/25/09 - Pittsburgh/Cranberry (regional)
    03/30/09 - Venango County Courts
    04/02/09 - Berks County Courts
    04/04/09 - Defenders Association of Philadelphia (panel)
    04/15/09 - DuBois (regional)
    04/23/09 - Pennsylvania Bar Institute (Philadelphia & Webcast)
    04/30/09 - Columbia/Montour County Courts
    06/04/09 - Pennsylvania Bar Institute (Criminal Law Symposium)
    06/05/09 - Pennsylvania Bar Institute (Criminal Law Symposium)
    06/19/09 - Allegheny County Bench-Bar Conference

  • Q. Some of our Judges insist on naming minor victims as guilty pleas. If Clerk of Courts does not allow public access to child victim names, why are judges allowed to say the names in crowded courtrooms? (Not covered during webinar.)

    A. This question is outside the scope of the Webinar. (Mark Bergstrom)

  • Q. The term “less violent” was used (during the Webinar). Can you define a crime of less violence? (Not covered during webinar.)

    A. The term “less serious” should have been used. The definition of eligible offender (44 Pa.C.S. 5303) attempts to exclude offenders from RRRI with past or present violent behavior as well as those found guilty of or previously convicted or adjudicated delinquent of violent offenses. (Mark Bergstrom)