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Pennsylvania Department of State

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March 1, 2010
April 5, 2010
May 3, 2010
June 7, 2010
July 12, 2010
Aug. 2, 2010

Disciplinary Actions
A listing of disciplinary or corrective measures taken by the 29 professional licensing boards and commissions, Charitable Organizations and Notaries Public.
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Governor’s Newsletter
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2010 Census: It's In Our Hands
Send a strong message to your community about the importance of the census and the benefits of being counted.
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Through the Students’ Eyes:
Impressions of a Board Meeting
Tech Students Visit Board Meeting
Board member Isaiah Dent, front row,
with students from the Greene County
Career and Technology Center during 
the board’s Nov. 2 meeting in Harrisburg.
Students from the Greene County Career and Technology Center in Waynesburg attended a recent meeting of the State Board of Cosmetology. At the request from the board, the students and their chaperones prepared this article regarding their impressions of the meeting.

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Obituary: Alfred Dean 
First black stylist at Horne's salon in  Pittsburgh

In the early 1970s, while Pittsburgh still roiled with racial tension, hairstylist Alfred "Deano" Dean brought his signature style, his impeccable technique and his black clientele to the Horne's department store salon, then considered the premier parlor for well-heeled white women.

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Gov. Rendell Says Federal Recovery Act
Having Profound Impact in PA

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has significantly benefitted Pennsylvania and its residents by putting people to work and stimulating economic growth, Governor Edward G. Rendell said during recent events marking the first anniversary of the Recovery Act.

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Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology
P.O. Box 2649, Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649
717.783.7130 | st-cosmetology@pa.gov
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