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Customer Service


Wendy J Rieland | Professional Board Member

It seems like such a small thing now when I think about it.  One of my regulars was coming in, but it was not just another appointment.  I had scribbled down in my book that it was her birthday, and when she came in the front door, I was standing there holding a bouquet of lollipops.  When I said “happy birthday” and handed it to her, you would have thought I had given her a million bucks.  She was so pleased that I had remembered.

Later, she referred several new clients to me. Like I said, it was a small thing, but one that made a big difference.

It’s so easy to overlook customer service or get lazy about it.  We see ourselves as talented, creative people, who have the ability to make people look dramatically better than when they walked in the door.  Shouldn’t they appreciate that we have done that for them?  Shouldn’t that be enough without having to give them little gifts or remember their anniversaries?  Well, no.

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