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Calendar of Events

Dec 18 African-American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ & DE Quarterly Power Lunch Philadelphia
If you would like to attend one of the above-mentioned events, please contact the sponsoring organization. To submit a request for a COSTARS representative to speak or conduct a training session for members or suppliers at an upcoming event, please contact COSTARS Toll-Free Telephone 1-866-768-7827.


The COSTARS Resource Center has been redesigned to provide state-of-the-art online training systems for COSTARS Members and Suppliers. With the understanding that people learn differently, the Resource Center provides multiple easy-to-use training methods for each function of the COSTARS enhanced website. Select the link to the task below for which you would like instructions.

Cue Card: Step by Step Instructions
This method offers a step by step guide with the option to illustrate a step by displaying a screen image by clicking on the underlined text. You may easily print this guide to refer to as you perform the necessary steps.

Simulation: Watch the Process
This method allows users to watch an example of the process as it is performed from beginning to end. The simulation may run continuously (Select Auto Playback) with an option to pause at a step or the user may choose to manually progress the simulation step by step (Select Standard Tutorial).

Guided Help: Perform the Process with a Guide
This method allows users to perform the actual function while a step by step guide is displayed (with the option to pause) in the top corner of the computer screen as you perform the process.

Select the link to the task below for which you would like instructions. On the next screen, select from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner to choose your preferred method of learning.

Member Training

 COSTARS User Registration

 COSTARS Member Registration

 COSTARS Member Association Request

 Update COSTARS Member Profile

 Search Aggregates and Anti-skid Materials

 Search COSTARS Exclusive Contracts

 Search Statewide and ITQ Contracts

 Register for Sodium Chloride Road Salt Contract

 View Sodium Chloride Road Salt Contract

Supplier Training

 Access the COSTARS Supplier Gateway
 Bidding on a COSTARS Contract
 Pay your Annual COSTARS Administrative Fee
 Report COSTARS Sales
 Update COSTARS Supplier Information
 Access COSTARS Member Contact Information
 Search COSTARS Exclusive Contracts
 Search Statewide and ITQ Contracts


 COSTARS Newsletters
 COSTARS Member Brochure
 Guide to COSTARS Exclusive Contracts – Listing of Contracts’ Scopes
 COSTARS Supplier Guide 
 COSTARS Supplier Brochure  - How to Become a COSTARS-authorized Supplier

Have you used the new COSTARS online training aids? If so, we’d like to know what you think. To provide feedback about your online training experience, please take our COSTARS Online Training Survey Your response is important to us and will help us improve the COSTARS online training experience.