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Chapter 18 (Financial Recovery)
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Chapter 18 (Financial Recovery)

Act 141 of 2012 [PDF] directs the State Board of Education to promulgate reglations that define criteria that may be used by the Secretary of Education in determining whether a school district is placed in financial recovery status. The Act identifies 15 criteria that the Secretary may consider in making a designation, and the Board's regulation will identify additional factors for consideration and provide guidance in determining whether a district would be placed in moderate or severe recovery status.

In promulgating the regulation, the State Board was directed to consult with a statewide Advisory Committee comprised of representatives from the Department of Education and Governor's Office of the Budget, and a superintendent, school business official and school director representative of urban, rural and suburban districts. The Advisory Committee met four times throughout fall 2012 and adopted a recommendation for the State Board's consideration in December 2012.  In November 2013, the State Board considered additional revisions to its proposal, which will be promulgated as a new Chapter - Chapter 18.  The proposed rulemaking approved by Board in November 2013 is reflected in the document below. 

Chapter 18 Proposed [PDF]

Advisory Committee on Financial Recovery
Amy Morton, Executive Deputy Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Education
Christine Baldini, Division Manager, Governor’s Office of the Budget
Margaret Billings-Jones, Superintendent, Lakeland School District
Alan Vandrew, Chief Financial Officer, Mechanicsburg Area School District
Mike Kuhn, School Director, Lebanon School District
Charles Hughey, Former Superintendent, West Allegheny School District
Jeanine McCreary, Former School Director, Erie School District

State Board of Education Committee on Financial Recovery (Chapter 18)
Maureen Lally-Green, Chair
Jonathan Peri
James Agras
Larry Wittig

For additional information, please contact:

Karen Molchanow | Executive Director
Pennsylvania Department of Education - State Board of Education
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