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State government is entrusted with many forms of personal and financial information, including tax filings, birth and death records, Social Security numbers, driver’s histories, medical information and more.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a leader among states in cybersecurity. Our goals are to prevent and defend against cyberattacks, reduce vulnerability, minimize damage and recovery time and promote awareness and education.

From a technology perspective, we use multiple layers of security, advanced monitoring, vulnerability testing, data protection, antivirus, spam blocking, mobile device encryption and other tools to protect systems and data.

From a people perspective, we strive to promote a culture of cyber awareness in the state government workforce through training, assessments and benchmarking, exercises, information sharing and events.

Through our involvement with organizations such as the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, Center for Digital Government, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and Penn State Harrisburg, we seek to be a resource for best practices and learning in cybersecurity.

Our efforts have won numerous awards over the years, and received recognition in prominent trade publications. 

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