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Business Partner Access

Commonwealth agencies can request access to the commonwealth business partner network for their third-party business partners. These business partners may be consultants, vendors or other entities doing business with the commonwealth. This type of access is a dedicated circuit for high volume traffic. All services provided to a non-commonwealth entity, or business partner, are to be used solely for the partner’s support of its business activities associated with the commonwealth.

A description of the business partner’s service requirements is to be submitted to the OA-Information Technology enterprise network services division via e-mail at ens@pa.gov. OA-Information Technology will periodically audit existing business partner connections to keep information up-to-date.

ITB NET008 - Telecommunications Services for Commonwealth Business Partners provides greater detail.


If the sponsoring agency wishes to have the business partner billed directly for this service, the business partner must be established in the enterprise services management system (ESMS) using a fictitious department number set up by OA-Information Technology. The sponsoring agency must complete the business partner department setup form and e-mail it to ra-oaesor@pa.gov. The agency will be contacted when this process is completed so that they may place orders in ESMS for the business partner using the business partner's department number. If an agency is paying for all of the business partner services, setup in ESMS is not necessary.


E-mail enterprise network services at ens@pa.gov.