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Data Network

OA-Information Technology manages the commonwealth’s enterprise-wide data network and helps agencies manage their agency-level networks. Our assistance is in conjunction with Verizon, the commonwealth's telecommunications provider.

Most data network services are provided by Verizon and covered under the commonwealth’s main telecommunications contract. To procure these services, use the enterprise services management system (ESMS). This contract covers the following services:

  • Data networking
  • Enterprise services management system (ESMS)
  • Internet access
  • Digital transport services
  • Voice services

OA-Information Technology can help agencies design, set up and maintain their networks. If you would like our assistance, e-mail us at ens@pa.gov.

Access to the network

Agencies seeking remote access to the commonwealth network usually need one of two things:

Wireless networking

Wireless networking services are not covered under the commonwealth’s main telecommunications contract, but standards have been established for wireless local area network (LAN) technology. These standards were established to protect confidential information, safeguard the integrity of information, establish common equipment platforms and ensure appropriate access to information.

The standards for wireless LAN technology are set out in information technology policy NET001.


E-mail ens@pa.gov.