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Map of School Districts and Intermediate Units
Map of Pennsylvania School Districts and Intermediate Units:

This map is in PDF format. This map is for reference purposes only. School District boundaries are approximate.

Other Web Sites for Mapping:
  • The National Center for Education Statistics has a website for the School District Demographics System: 
    The Map Viewer has directions for you to follow.  You can view maps of school districts nationwide, select Census 2000 demographic details of a school district, compare one school district with another, and download shapefiles. (The school district boundaries are from 2000, to correspond with the 2000 census data. The site also has links to view School District Profiles and for Data Download of school district tabular data from census 2000).

  • The American FactFinder web site
    This web site has a tool to create a map showing the census blocks--click on Geography and make the choices you want to view in the drop-down boxes.  To get a map view of a specific address, use "Reposition on..." and type in the address. Use "Changes..." on the left, to set boundaries and features you want to view.  In Boundaries, choose 2000 School District, Unified.  Click Update. 

  • The U.S. Census Bureau has PDF files by county on their web site: 
    When you choose a county you will see that the first PDF file ending in 000 is the map of the entire county showing the school districts in various colored patterns.  To examine one school district in detail, find it on the 000 map and then note the number in the colored block.  Use the Back button on the browser and then choose the PDF file ending in this number.  Then, you can Zoom to select an enlarged area.

  • National Geographic - World Maps

  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection - Pennsylvania Map

  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's PA State Highway Video Log
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