Request by Mail


  • Requests are to be submitted on an Application for Certified Copy of Death Record and include the signature and photo ID of the individual requesting the record. You may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the application.
  • Requestor must submit legible copy of his or her valid government issued photo identification. Examples of acceptable identification are a state issued driver's license or non-driver photo ID that verifies the eligible requestor's name and current address. Photo identification will be shredded after review.
  • If you do not have acceptable photo identification, an eligible requestor possessing government issued photo ID may apply. If an eligible requestor is unable to apply, you may submit a completed Statement from Requestors Not Possessing Acceptable Government-Issued Photo ID with two documents verifying your current address.

·        There is a $9.00 fee for each certified copy.  Check or money order should be made payable to Vital Records.  Fee may be waived if the decedent was an Armed Forces member or related to the Armed Forces member as stated below:

Ø  Surviving spouse of the Armed Forces member (unless he or she is remarried).

Ø  Dependent child of the Armed Forces Member if he or she is unable to provide support for himself or is reported as a dependent on the Armed Forces member’s Federal Income Tax Return. Documentation is required to prove dependency (example:  copy of income tax return, copy of insurance waiver).

Ø  Ex-spouse requesting on behalf of a minor child.  Documentation is required.

Ø  Executor or administrator of the veteran’s estate or the veteran’s deceased spouse’s estate.  Documentation is required if not surviving spouse.

Ø  The funeral director listed on the death certificate.

Ø  Attorney requesting on behalf of the executor or administrator of the veteran’s estate.  Documentation is required.

  • NOTE:  The $9.00 fee may be waived for certificates issued of the Armed Forces member, the legal spouse or the dependent child only.  Any other relatives of the Armed Forces member are not eligible for the fee waiver.
  • Typical processing time for certified copies of death certificates is thirty-five (35) to forty (40) business days (from the date the check is cashed) which does not include delivery time. Please note:  The registration process for recent deaths can take up to thirty business days.  If you apply for a certified copy of death that recently occurred, please allow an additional thirty business days to complete the registration process and issue the certified copy of death.       
  • To place an online request through an independent company, click here: ORDER ONLINE