State Plan on Aging

Every four years the Department of Aging prepares a strategic plan that focuses on the needs of older Pennsylvanians. The State Plan reflects a shared vision and is a product of input from multiple interests and individuals. While the plan is administered by the Department of Aging, it represents a comprehensive plan for all older Pennsylvanians.

The purpose of the State Plan is to:

  • Define clear and comprehensive direction for both the Department of Aging and for services and supports for older Pennsylvanians
  • Carry out the administration's commitments while recognizing current fiscal realities
  • Adopt a necessary collaborative approach focusing on evidence-based outcomes and innovation
  • Fulfill requirements of the Administration on Aging and the Older Americans Act

To create the 2012-2016 State Plan, the department utilized feedback and information from the 52 Area Agencies on Aging, stakeholders, eldercare professionals, caregivers, and the general public. In November 2011, the Department began the planning process at the joint meeting of the Pennsylvania Council on Aging and the Pennsylvania Association of Area Agencies on Aging. 

In June 2012, three public hearings were held in which interested parties could review a rough draft of the State Plan and make comments and suggestions. These public hearings were held at Pennsylvania State University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to the public hearings, consumer focus groups were also conducted periodically to ensure the plan addressed the needs of the aging community.

The State Plan is a living document that will guide action and be updated continually as opportunities arise to enhance programs, improve the delivery of services, and allocate resources more effectively. In addition to the specific objectives and strategies presented in the plan, the Department's services are linked by a number of crosscutting themes that advance all of the goals.

The goals of the 2012-2016 PA State Plan on Aging are:

  • Improve access to care for older individuals at the right time, setting and intensity
  • Empower older individuals to remain in the setting of their choice by serving as a catalyst in developing communities in which to age and live well
  • Direct older individuals to the supports necessary to maximize their health and well-being
  • Revitalize and redesign aging services to further enhance the lives of older individuals

These goals build on the successful programs currently in place as well as address gaps identified through the input process. The goals will help the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enhance the current system and continue to serve older residents through a  high-quality, cost-effective, responsive system that clearly makes Pennsylvania the best state in which to age.

To view the 2012-2016 State Plan on Aging, click here.

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