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Postsecondary Data Collection Opt-Out

To meet federal and state reporting requirements the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) collects unit-level education data three times a year in a statewide longitudinal data system called the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS). The 2014-15 PIMS PS Unit-Level Data Collection describes the data elements postsecondary institutions submit to PIMS and the intended use of the data. 

Students attending postsecondary institutions may opt-out of Pennsylvania-mandated data collections by completing the Postsecondary Data Collection Opt-Out Form.  Students must submit their opt-out request at least one month prior to postsecondary institutions submitting data to PDE.  The deadlines for opting-out of these collections are as follows:

• September 1 to Opt-Out of a Summer Collection
• January 1 to Opt-Out of a Fall/Intersession Collection
• May 15 to Opt-Out of a Spring Collection

Students are responsible for opting-out of each data collection by the posted deadline and identifying the postsecondary institution(s) PDE should notify on their behalf.  Students must submit a separate form for each institution attended during the collection term.  PDE and the postsecondary institution are not responsible for the sharing of data that may result from a student providing inaccurate information.

Opt-Out Form 

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