On June 30, 2016 this Commonwealth Enterprise Portal (WebCenter Interaction) will be retired from service.
Prepare your agency now by moving content from Communities, Knowledge Directory, Publisher, and Collaboration projects to alternative systems. For more information on this initiative, visit the migration project.

Application Development Services

OA-Information Technology’s Bureau of Application Development and Support provides application development services for agencies that have had their application development organizations consolidated into OA/OIT. These consolidated agencies include:

  • Administration
  • General Counsel
  • Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission

The bureau also supports several enterprise-wide applications, such as the Enterprise Portal, Business Objects and Clarity.

Get Application Support or Request a Change 

To report a problem with an application supported by OA-Information Technology, or request a change to an existing application, including those within the Enterprise Asset Team, Enterprise Data Center (EDC), Exchange/CWOPA, DataPowerhouse, Justice Network (JNET), SAP Support Team or Verizon Business Desk, submit a ticket to the enterprise IT help desk by calling 717.506.1079.

Request for New Enterprise Services (including New Applications)

Consolidated agencies needing application development services can submit a request via the Service Engagement Review Process (SERP), which provides a consistent methodology and review process agencies can use to request selected OA/OIT services.  For more information, please see the SERP overview.