Application Development Services

OA-Information Technology’s Bureau of Application Development and Support provides application development services for agencies that have had their application development organizations consolidated into OA/OIT. These consolidated agencies include:

  • Administration
  • General Counsel
  • Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission

The bureau also supports several enterprise-wide applications, such as the Enterprise Portal, Business Objects and Clarity.

Get Application Support or Request a Change 

To report a problem with an application supported by OA-Information Technology, or request a change to an existing application, including those within the Enterprise Asset Team, Enterprise Data Center (EDC), Exchange/CWOPA, DataPowerhouse, Justice Network (JNET), SAP Support Team or Verizon Business Desk, submit a ticket to the enterprise IT help desk by calling 717.506.1079.

Request for New Enterprise Services (including New Applications)

Consolidated agencies needing application development services can submit a request via the Service Engagement Review Process (SERP), which provides a consistent methodology and review process agencies can use to request selected OA/OIT services.  For more information, please see the SERP overview.