School Nutrition Program (SNP) CN PEARS Application Module Upgrade Information

Important Password Information and Changes

One of the differences you will find with the New PEARS Application is increased security measures, specifically changing your Password. Your current Log-On and Password has been migrated to the new PEARS.

You will be required to change it IMMEDIATELY after logging in.

This new PEARS password will NOT be valid on the old PEARS. We are recommending that you change the old PEARS password to match your new PEARS password to avoid any confusion.

You will be prompted with the screen shown below: 

Please remember once you change your password it is recommended that you also change your password on the OLD PEARS application to the same password.

New Password Requirements
  • Passwords must be 8 characters or more, contain at least 1 numeric character, and at least 1 special character. Some examples of special characters are % & $ @ * !
  • Every 60 Days your password will expire and you will be prompted to create a new one
  • Upon logging in you will be reminded of your password expiration 30 days prior
  • 5 invalid login attempts will suspend the user from accessing the system
Help Desk

The PEARS Help Desk will be able to provide password assistance including re-setting of passwords when locked out or have forgotten password. The Help Desk can be reached at 1-888-877-1306. Their hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.