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Diabetes Publications & Documents

Diabetes Prevalence in Pennsylvania Maps


The PA Senate District and County Boundaries map and the PA House of Representatives District and County Boundaries map contain county estimates of the percentage and number of adults with diagnosed diabetes in PA.  These maps contain 2008 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) data.


Caution should be exercised in making comparisons based on the county maps and estimates.  The estimates are intended as individual point estimates.  Significance testing or hypothesis testing are inappropriate.  The maps are presented for displaying possible geographic patterns and stimulating further investigation, but are not intended as formal representations of similarities and differences.  Bayesian 95 percent confidence intervals and standard deviations are provided as precision indicators of the individual county-level point estimates and should be used in data analyses.  One should not assume that counties mapped in different colors have significantly different prevalence.  The county estimates are grouped in categories by various methods to produce a state or national map.  This grouping does not incorporate the standard deviation or confidence interval and does not imply any formal comparison between counties.


Diabetes in School Children: A Recommendations and Resource Guide for Pennsylvania School Personnel  diabetes and school children

Diabetes in School Children: A Recommendations and Resource Guide for Pennsylvania School Personnel was developed to provide schools with key information, tools and resources that help them effectively manage diabetes in students.  This guide is based on national best practices for creating and ensuring a safe, nurturing learning environment for students with diabetes.  School administrators, nurses, teachers, office personnel and other staff, along with parents and students, all play an important role in diabetes management, and important information and tools are included for all of these stakeholders. This guide is also designed to define and clarify schools’ diabetes management roles and responsibilities.  Accordingly, an entire section of this guide is devoted to summarizing state and federal laws related to diabetes management in schools.


The Burden of Diabetes in Pennsylvania 2010 The Burden of Diabetes in Pennsylvania 2010 contains information and data provided to educate both individuals and organizations on the burden of diabetes and to provide them with the tools necessary to plan effective interventions for all those affected by diabetes.  This report presents diabetes surveillance data, including measures and trend of estimated diabetes prevalence and mortality for both the general population and disparate groups in the state and at the county level.  Estimated prevalence for diabetes risk factors and related health conditions are also highlighted in this burden report.

Pennsylvania Diabetes Fact Sheets

The Pennsylvania Diabetes Fact Sheets contain data about diabetes prevalence, deaths and complications associated with the disease.

2013 Juvenile Diabetes Cure Research Tax Check-Off Program Annual Report

2013 Pennsylvania Diabetes Fact Sheet

Gestational Diabetes Fact Sheet

Juvenile Diabetes Cure Research Tax Check-Off Program Annual Report

2012 Juvenile Diabetes Cure Research Tax Check-Off Program Annual Report:  This report, for the calendar year 2012, is the seventh annual report for the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Research Tax Check-Off Program, which was created in 2004 with the passage of Act 133 and the first to report on research results.  The Act created a state income tax check-off option for individuals to contribute a portion of their state tax refund (and to donate directly to the Dept. of Health) to support research for juvenile diabetes, better known as type 1 diabetes.  The report provides an update on activities and contributions of the program, as well as guidelines for distribution of funds collected.