OGC mediation image stating "In Pursuit of Agency Dispute Resolution Through Mediation"

Who are we?

The Office of General Counsel's Mediation Program was established June 14, 2002 by an Executive Order. The Executive Order requires each Commonwealth agency, department, board, commission and council to become familiar with the mediation process and to encourage its use whenever possible to resolve disputes. The Mediation program provides mediation, facilitation and other resolution options at the request of any commonwealth agency under the Governor's jurisdiction, any OGC Attorney, any commonwealth employee, or any party engaged in a dispute with a commonwealth agency.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary, informal process through which a trained impartial mediator assists in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of their dispute. Mediation is non-adjudicative. It is up to the parties themselves to decide if they can agree to resolve the dispute and, if so, to determine the terms of the settlement as opposed to having a judge or arbitrator determine the outcome.

How does mediation work?

Mediation identifies the parties' interests, areas of agreement, and works within those areas to forge a settlement that is satisfactory to all involved. The process is voluntary and confidential.

Maria Battista,
Program Director
Teresa Wills,
Program Coordinator

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