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 Division of Drug and Alcohol Program Licensure

The Division of Drug and Alcohol Program Licensure's main mission is to safeguard the public by assuring that facilities providing drug and alcohol treatment services meet minimum standards of care based on published regulations.  

As such, the division is:

  • the regulatory entity responsible for the licensure of drug and alcohol treatment facilities operating in the Commonwealth. 
  • the designated state methadone authority, and is responsible for the licensure and approval of narcotic treatment programs. 

Consumer Complaints

In addition to its core function of treatment program survey and licensure, division staff also investigate consumer complaints.  Please contact the division at (717) 783-8675 for information about the complaint process.


Draft Outpatient Integrated Treatment Regulations

Facility Information

Act 73, Act 179, and Definitions

Plan of Correction

Licensing Deficiencies

Licensing Information

Several of the documents noted are accessible by using Adobe Reader software.  If you need the free viewer, please click here to download it.


For more information, please contact the division at (717) 783-8675.  Thank you.