Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett

A Trained and Educated Workforce

Governor Corbett talking with school children

Investing in Our Students

    • Since taking office, Governor Corbett has increased state support of public schools by more than $918 million, or 10.7 percent.

    • This year, the Governor has invested more than $11 billion dollars in education, and includes the most state funding ever spent on basic education in the history of Pennsylvania.

    • Under the Governor’s leadership, improvements to the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program now give Pennsylvania students a choice to leave failing and ineffective schools.

    • The Governor’s budget funds the education Accountability Block Grant at $100 million, supporting full-day kindergarten in many school districts.

    • The Corbett administration created the Targeted Industry Program providing grants to students enrolling in certificate programs that are needed by high demand industries like energy, agriculture, and construction.

Putting Students First

    • Under the Governor’s leadership, the state has significantly improved the teacher evaluation system so our best teachers receive the affirmation they have earned, and those in need of improvement have the chance to take the first steps toward excellence.

    • The Governor successfully worked with the commonwealth’s state-related and state-owned higher education institutions to keep tuitions more affordable for families.

    • Pennsylvania has established a Pennsylvania School Report Card, providing a straightforward system to evaluate the quality of Pennsylvania’s schools and education system.

    • The Governor has established a new baseline for student testing (PSSA) to ensure improved school performance moving forward.

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