Empowerment has long had a role in Black history in Pennsylvania. In this section, you will find many examples from which it was granted through legal means, such as by "An Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery of 1780"; to that which was fought for through the Civil War by the U.S. Colored Troops; to empowerment that was petitioned, protested, and marched for by Black civil rights leaders.

Hubert Fountleroy Julian (1897-1983) was a famous Black aviator, widely known as "The Black Eagle." 

Gradual Abolition of Slavery: On March 7, 1780 the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed this act, the first of its kind in America, which called for the gradual freeing of all slaves in Pennsylvania.

Quest for Civil Rights Learn about the laws and leadership that worked both for and against equal civil rights for African Americans. 

African American and Civil Rights in Pennsylvania describes Pennsylvania's role in civil rights. It focuses on laws and court cases that have shaped the civil rights movement.