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Change, efficiency, and waste can all be derivatives from the impact of energy. Energy, and all it delivers, has been a motivator for both technological advancement and environmental greed.

Leaving its mark: The impact of energy has changed the physical properties of our world. From the depletion of northcentral Pennsylvania’s forests at the turn of the 19th century to the turnaround of the lumber industry’s managed growth and harvest of this renewable resource, the history of energy exploitation has served as a lesson for how the responsible management of extraction is not optional.

Choice and consequence: How we work, live, and play is impacted by the choices we make as consumers and the trade of consequence we are willing to abide by. Am I warm enough? Do I have enough light? Individual energy choices multiplied by millions of consumers have an enormous impact on our reserves of energy.

As one person, how do your energy choices impact the world?

As a consumer, be an agent for change. Review the consumer tips, participate in events listed in this section, see how state agencies are putting best practices to work, and consider how this information applies to your individual energy use.


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