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It’s a spark—a force that starts the gears of change moving. Energy innovation in Pennsylvania has always been driven by the law of supply and demand. The more energy we use, the more we need.

Whether it’s the need for warmth by Pennsylvania’s first peoples, Native Americans, or the need to propel a ship of war such as the U.S. Brig Niagara, our history and its progression have been fueled and fostered by energy.

Since the dawn of time, finding ways to efficiently harness natural resources, whether by need or profit, has always pushed innovators to create and explore better ways.  The drilling of the first oil well in Titusville, Pennsylvania, 150 years ago at Drake Well, shows us how the spirit of innovation can take hold in one locale and circle the globe. In the large mesh of consumers, natural resources, and big industry, it’s inspiring that an individual thought or idea can shape positive change for energy production, efficiency—and conservation.

It can be the innovation of one person.

History has always been a great teacher for the present and future. In this section you’ll learn about the different types of energy and where you can see the origins and lessons of energy along the Energy Trail of History.


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