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Enrollment Projections

The Pennsylvania Department of Education provides annual enrollment projections to assist School Districts and other entities to identify and proactively address issues related to anticipated enrollments.  Projections are based on recent historic trends in births and trends in the progression of students form one grade to the next.  Because enrollment projections are based on an analysis of actual enrollments figures from the recent past, it is imperative that School Districts accurately report current enrollments in each grade.  This enrollment data is collected in the October 1 Student Snapshot template via the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS).


When using enrollment projections for planning purposes, it is important to be aware that the projection model uses only actual enrollments, births, and retention rates to formulate projections.  Other factors which may exist in a particular school district, such as a significant change in new home building, may need to be considered in conjunction with the projections to most accurately estimate future enrollments.  For more detailed information on the projection model used, including its limitations, view the “Enrollment Projections Model” document below.


The reports available on this page provide information on historical and projected enrollments on a statewide basis and by individual school district. 

  Name Description
PDF Documents Projected Birth Enrollments P-Z 2011-12.pdf Projected Birth Enrollments P-Z 2011-12
PDF Documents Projected Birth Enrollments G-O 2011-12.pdf Projected Birth Enrollments G-O 2011-12
PDF Documents Projected Birth Enrollments A-F 2011-12.pdf Projected Birth Enrollments A-F 2011-12
MS Excel Documents Enrollment Projections to 2018.xls Statewide Enrollment Projections to 2018
PDF Documents Enrollment Projections Model.pdf http://enrlproj.ed.state.pa.us/PROJECT.htm

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