Environmental Health


Environmental health examines how different environments affect a person’s wellbeing. The health effects of breathing air, drinking water, and more are researched in specific locations. Department of Health environmental health staff members work closely with federal, state, county, local officials and the public on a regular basis to help address environmental health issues and concerns.


Environmental Health Concerns


If you have an environmental health concern, the tips below are intended to help us address your concern in the most efficient way possible. Please be patient, as environmental health concerns often include many variables and take time to investigate and to conduct a health evaluation. However, by having the following things in place before you file your concern, you can help expedite the department’s response:


1.   Visit your healthcare provider or doctor first. Have them examine you for your health concern, as they know your health history best. Get a copy of your medical records, and be prepared to share them with the Pennsylvania Department of Health. If your doctor would like to discuss with us your health issues, we are available.


2.   Have environmental tests available. Be prepared to share any environmental tests results with the PA Department of Health such as water, soil or air testing results. 


3.   Be prepared to speak about your family’s current health and health history. If your family is willing to provide health records, get permission from them to share those records before calling the Pennsylvania Department of Health.


4.   The more specific you can be, the better we can serve you. Be prepared to talk about your symptoms. If your concerns are about specific contaminants, be prepared to share with us details such as: how you are exposed to such contaminants and for how long, your proximity to those contaminants, and any changes you’ve seen in your health since your exposure to the contaminants etc.



To file an environmental health concern, please contact us at:


Pennsylvania Department of Health
Division of Environmental Health Epidemiology
Room 933, Health and Welfare Building
625 Forster St., Harrisburg, PA 17120
: 717-346-3286

Toll free hotline: 1-877 PA Health (724-3258)