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Over 20,000 archaeological sites have been recorded in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Some of these sites are buried in floodplains or rock shelters and provide information on the inhabitants of the region over the last 16,000 years. Some are large, circular villages with stockades and ornamental artifacts such as shell beads and carved bone. Many more are scatters of stone tools and pottery that provide an understanding on how prehistoric people used the land and its resources. The Commonwealth's rich archaeological database also includes sites from the historic period, such as farmsteads, tanneries, distilleries, and blacksmith shops.

The State Museum's Archaeology includes a summary about the collections house at the State Museum of Pennsylvania and how to donate your collection to the museum

The Environmental Review section explains how projects such as highway construction and housing developments are reviewed by the Bureau for Historic Preservation to determine whether they are likely to impact archaeological sites.

Museums & Tours presents information on Pennsylvania museums and on current site excavations that permit visitation.

For those with a strong interest in archaeology, this section provides important information on Avocational Archaeology, including a guide to careers.

Why does archaeology even matter? Find out in the Value of Archaeology.

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The Resource list contains links to other Web sites as well as pamphlets and charts all about archaeology.

If you want to learn more about archaeology, pick up a book! Archaeology publications features books about archaeology that are available online at ShopPAHeritage.com.

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission's archaeology programs offer a variety of educational, research, and historic preservation opportunities for everyone! Find out how you can participate in Archaeology Programs at the PHMC.

The Virtual Tour of State Museum gives you a view of the archaeology gallery at the State Museum of Pennsylvania without having to leave your own home.

Do you know of an archaeological site in Pennsylvania? If so, learn how Recording Sites with the Bureau for Historic Preservation can benefit everyone.

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