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Over 20,000 archaeological sites have been recorded in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Some of these sites are buried in floodplains or rock shelters and provide information on the inhabitants of the region over the last 16,000 years. Some are large, circular villages with stockades and ornamental artifacts such as shell beads and carved bone. Many more are scatters of stone tools and pottery that provide an understanding on how prehistoric people used the land and its resources. The Commonwealth's rich archaeological database also includes sites from the historic period, such as farmsteads, tanneries, distilleries, and blacksmith shops.

Museums & Tours
Here you’ll find a list of museums in Pennsylvania with archaeological collections. Museum websites, locations, and phone numbers are included for your convenience.

Our volunteers help with donated collections, slide scanning, secretarial duties, and general curatorial support. Visit this page for more information

Avocational Archaeology
Do you have a collection of Native American or colonial period artifacts? Visit this page to learn more about avocational archaeology and the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology (SPA).

Recording Sites
Do you know of an archaeological site in Pennsylvania? Recording the site with the Bureau for Historic Preservation can benefit everyone. This page has the information you need to record archaeological sites, including forms and a list of frequently asked questions.

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The Resource List
Additional links to internal and external resources.

Summaries of Subbasins
Overviews for the Lower Susquehanna, Upper Delaware and Monongahela river basins. These Overviews contain information on locations, cultural periods, and significant sites in each river basin.

Archaeology Publications
Brochures and worksheets available for download from the PHMC, and books available for purchase from our online bookstore.

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