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Resource List

Web Sites

The National Park Service, History and Culture
Provides lesson plans and a wide variety Internet links and other resources for teaching archaeology.

The Society for American Archaeology, Teaching Archaeology
Provides information and sample lessons on teaching archaeology to Grades 3 through 12

The Fort Necessity Teacher's Site

The American Anthropology Association's Anthropological Resources for Teaching Social Studies, Geography, History, and Science.
Includes classroom handouts (from SAA), list of internet sites, classroom resources, and publications.

Pamphlets and Charts (downloadable)

The Mystery of the Monongahela Indians (PDF, 3.2 MB) A 24-page booklet describing the culture of the Monongahela Indians found in Western Pennsylvania.

Indian Lifeways (PDF, 355 KB) A chart summarizing Pennsylvania prehistory and history, showing changes in spear and arrow point styles over time.

By River and Trail (PDF, 1 MB) A pamphlet about the movement of goods and natural resources during Pennsylvania prehistory and history.

Changing Frontiers (PDF, 1 MB) A pamphlet summarizing the Contact Period 1500 - 1763. This is the time when Native Americans and Europeans first interacted.

Petroglyphs of Pennsylvania (PDF, 3 MB) A pamphlet reviewing the Native American rock carvings in Pennsylvania

Archaeology Through the Pennsylvania Trails of History (PDF) PHMC archaeologists actively lead site investigations and explore some of the historic sites on the PHMC Trails of History.

Native American Foodways in Pennsylvania (PDF) The Development of Prehistoric Native American Foodways in Pennsylvania.

The Archaeology of the French and Indian War in Pennsylvania (PDF) Includes an archaeological summary of four French and Indian War forts excavated in Pennsylvania. The examples range in size from Fort Augusta, the largest British fort ever built east of the Allegheny's to Fort Hunter, a small supply depot.