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Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers screen dirt at a site
Charlie Hannond, Les Knukle & Brad Miller volunteer at the Fort Hunter archaeological dig.

Volunteer positions are frequently available with the Commonwealth's Archaeology Program.

Volunteers are need in the Archaeology Section of the State Museum to help process collections from around the state. These include artifacts from both historic and Native American sites. In the summer and early fall, there are frequently opportunities to assist with field projects. If you would like more information on the State Museum archaeology program, please contact Kurt Carr or Janet Johnson at (717) 783-9926.

To volunteer at the State Museum, please fill out the Archaeology Volunteer Form (PDF) and return to:

The State Museum of Pennsylvania
Janet Johnson, Curator
300 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0024
Phone: 717 705-0869
Fax: 717 214-2990