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The Bureau of Facilities Management is responsible for the cleaning, landscaping and grounds, and special events in and around the buildings owned or operated by the Department of General Services within the city of Harrisburg as well as the regional buildings located in Scranton and Reading. 

It is our responsibility to ensure that we make practical, common sense business decisions to ensure that the most cost effective accommodations are made as we meet the daily challenges before us. 


Effective July 21, 2014, all DGS work order requests must be submitted by an Agency Point of Contact (POC)  through AiM.

AiM can be accessed, anywhere with an internet connection, at: https://copdgsaimapp.assetworks.com/fmax

AiM training materials currently available:

AiM Overview Manual

AiM (POC) Work Requester User Guide

AiM (POC) Webinar PowerPoint Presentation

BFM Contact Us  
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Dave Szobocsan
Director of Maintenance

Jason Snyder
Director of Facilities

Lori Sherlock
Special Events Manager

Bureau of Facilities Management 
401 North Street Room 414 North Office Building
Harrisburg, PA 17125


FAQ - Facilities Management  
Q:  Where do I find my building address?
A:  Click on your building
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  • Employee Emergency Awareness
  • Facilities Initiatives  
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