Firearm Commission Training
            Management System

Firearm Education and Training Commission
In 1994, the County Probation and Parole Officers' Firearm Education and Training Commission (FETC) was established by Act 158 in order to provide uniform firearms training for county probation officers. The Commission is charged with educating and training county probation officers in the use of firearms. The FETC is funded through fees collected by individual Pennsylvania counties. The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole is responsible for providing support staff to the Commission.

What's New



*Please check the Bulletin Board for new updates*

Revised versions of Forms 19B & 19C (in-house Basic and in-service procedures) are available here.  Counties should note that no credit shall be issued to a department until all forms required by Form 19 are returned.

The Commission has Firearms Policy and Range Policy templates available upon request.

The reporting procedures for unintentional or negligent weapon discharges can be viewed  here.

- Commission meeting minutes can be viewed here. 

Instructors can download course information and other CFI materials.  You can access these files here. 

- Fingerprint submission instructions are here.

- 2013 amendments to the Commission's regulations are here.