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PDE-352 Guidelines

School-Based ACCESS Program

Funds that are reimbursed from the federal Medicaid School-Based ACCESS Program (SBAP) for direct health-related services are kept in Local Education Agency (LEA) specific accounts at the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).  To receive these funds, each LEA must complete form PDE-352 and submit it to the Bureau of Special Education (BSE) along with a short narrative explaining what the funds will be used for and how they will expand or enhance special education programs.  The chief administrative officer must sign this form.  Funds may be used to support the education of any special education student, not only those who are Medicaid eligible.  Once the funds have been approved for disbursement, PDE-352 is sent to the Comptroller's office for processing. Funds are transferred to the LEA's local bank account approximately two months after the request is received by BSE.  Narratives are filed along with copies of the PDE-352.

Do not send copies of invoices or purchase orders. Provide a general description of the items or services purchased and their effect on the special education program.  If possible, bundle several small requests and submit on one form. It is more cost effective to process two or three large requests per year per school district than ten or twelve small ones. The Comptroller's office will not process requests that are under $1,000.00.

There are several restrictions on the use of ACCESS funds.  They must be used within the special education program.  They may not be used to supplant professional positions that the LEA has been supporting.  They may not be transferred to the district general fund and used outside the special education program.  The following list of acceptable uses of ACCESS money is a sampling.

Allowable School-Based ACCESS Expenditures

(Use Form PDE-352) 


New professional special education positions (teachers, therapists)- salaries and benefits

Special Education classroom instructional aides-salaries and benefits

Personal Care aides-salaries and benefits

School Based Access Program coordinators-salaries and benefits

Nurses-salaries/benefits for percentage of time spent with special education students

Clerical support staff for ACCESS record keeping-salaries and benefits

Clerical support staff for the special education program for the time spent in direct

student support (typing, filing, mailing of IEPs, ERs, Invitations to IEP meetings)

-salaries and benefits.

Substitutes for special education classes for teachers attending IEP meetings or trainings

Access Program Costs



Paper Supplies

Equipment Maintenance

FAX machine


File Cabinets

Internet access for purposes of accessing Leader’s Web-Based Program; e.g. SBAP Billing program and IEP writer program


CPR and First Aid Training

Conferences and Workshops for Special Educators and Administrators

Inclusion Conferences and Workshops for Regular Educators

Parent Training for Special Education

Manuals or other materials required for training programs


Student computers

Staff computers when they are used for writing IEPs, ERs, lesson or treatment plans, or record keeping

Specialized furniture for students

Treatment room furniture

Furniture needed for computer use

Televisions and VCR s (with closed caption capability)

Portable stair climbers

Wheel chairs

Computer networking

Swimming pool lifts

Therapy equipment

Contracted Services

Psychological testing

Specialized transportation outside the regular school transportation system

Training for staff

Community based program costs

Maintenance contracts on computers, copiers, etc.


Refitting specialized buses with car seats, seat belts, etc.

Specialized buses for special education transportation


Personal care supplies for special education students

Health room supplies for special education students

Paper supplies needed for School Based ACCESS Program, IEPs, ERs, or other student specific documents

Student and Curriculum Specific

Field trips that are tied to the curriculum

Speakers and programs brought into the school

Programs above the ESY provided by the district such as swimming lessons, additional community based programs





Adaptive feeding equipment

IEP writer programs and support /training needed for implementation

Instructional materials

Teacher manuals

PDE-352 Available Here (excel)



For additional information, please contact:

Karen Porambo | Budget Analyst
Pennsylvania Department of Education - Bureau of Special Education
333 Market Street | Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333
Phone: 717.705.5186 | Fax: 717.783.6139
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