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CORRECTION: The department requires all pages of the NAIC Biographical Affidavit form to be completed for officers and directors. Incomplete affidavits will be considered unfiled. (updated 4/5/12)



Deputy Insurance Commissioner's Annual Letter and Items of Interest:

Developments in Financial Statement Filing/Other Regulatory Requirements
Preparing for a Risk-Focused Financial Examination
Record Retention Guidelines Related to Examinations
Requests for Certified Documents


Annual Statements

Filing Instructions and Checklist

Accounting and Reporting Resources

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Audited/Internal Control Related Reports

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Premium Taxes

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  Audited Financial Reports:

          Audited/Internal Control Related Reports - Notes
          Requesting Exemption from Filing and Required Related Information

Contractual Arrangements between HMOs and IDSs:


HMO Contracts with IDSs; Annual Filing Form


HMO Contracts with IDSs; Annual Filing Form Table


HMO Contracts with IDSs; Contract Changes Filing Form


HMO Contracts with IDSs; Initial Filing Form


Holding Company Related Filings:


The department proposed amendments to Chapter 25 of its regulations (regarding Rules and Procedural Requirements for Insurance Holding Company Systems) as published in The Pennsylvania Bulletin, 43 Pa.B. 5996, on October 12, 2013. The purpose of these amendments is to update Chapter 25 in accordance with changes made to the Insurance Companies Law by the Act of July 5, 2012 (P. L. 1111, No. 136) (Act 136). These amendments include revisions to Forms A-E and a new Form F (Enterprise Risk Report). As no substantial changes to the proposed Forms are anticipated, companies may use the proposed Forms.

General Guidelines and Filing Requirements and Forms



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