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Public Entities

Public School Districts and Schools (PDF)

Charter Schools (PDF)

Intermediate Units (PDF)

Career and Technology Centers (PDF)

Special Program Jointures (PDF)

Schools in State Juvenile Correctional Institutions (PDF)

Private and Nonpublic Entities

Diocesan Offices (PDF)

Nonpublic Elementary and Secondary Schools (PDF)

Private Driver Training Schools (PDF)

Licensed Private Academic Schools (PDF)

Approved Schools for Special Education (PDF)

Postsecondary and Higher Education

State Universities (PDF)

State-Related Commonwealth Universities (PDF)

Community Colleges (PDF)

Private State Aided-Institutions (PDF)

Private Colleges and Universities (PDF)

Theological Seminaries (PDF)

Private Two-Year Colleges (PDF)

College of Technology (PDF)

Specialized Associate Degree Granting Institutions (AST/ASB Degrees) (PDF)

Private Licensed/Registered Schools (PDF)


Instructional Support System of Pennsylvania (PATTAN) (PDF)

Professional Education Associations (PDF)





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