Pennsylvania First Lady Susan Corbett


A Canine Tradition

When Governor and Mrs. Corbett moved into the Governor’s Residence in January 2011, they began looking for two adorable puppies to bring to Harrisburg. Dogs have long kept the Governor of Pennsylvania and his family company in the Residence, and the Corbetts wanted to continue this longstanding tradition. From Governor Shafer’s Bassett Hound to Governor Rendell’s Golden Retrievers, dogs have often been beloved members of Pennsylvania’s First Families. To learn more about the history of Pennsylvania's First Pets, click here.

Penny and Harry

Born in Pennsylvania, the two Airedales, Penny and Harry arrived at the Residence in July 2011. The names were given to them by Pennsylvania children who won a statewide “Name the Pups” contest in August 2011. Penny and Harry can be seen around the Residence, running the hallways, or out playing in the gardens that make the Governor’s Residence such a special place. To learn more about the Airedale Breed, click here.
Collage of Penny and Harry