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Food Service Equipment Grants

Due to the overwhelming success of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) National School Lunch Program Equipment Assistance Grants, On october 1, 2009, the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture received a one-time appropriation to further provide schools with equipment assistance funding. 

As a result, the Pennsylvania Department of Education is receiving funds to distribute to schools through a competitive process. 

Any school participating in the NSLP, that did not receive an equipment grant through the ARRA Equipment Grant, is eligible to apply for a food service equipment grant, but the ARRA requires priority must be given to schools that have 50% or more students eligible for free or reduced price meals (using October 2010 Building Data).  In addition, priority will be given to School Food Authorities that did not receive a grant through the ARRA Equipment Grant for any buildings.

To access the application, please click on the Equipment Grant Application link below.

Equipment Grant Cover Memo (WORD)

Equipment Grant Application (WORD)

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