School Nutrition Program (SNP) CN PEARS Application Module Upgrade Information

PEARS SNP Application & Claim Guides

These guidlines are provided to assist with understanding the Application Packet Dashboard and how to add a site application.

PEARS SNP Interactive VideoTraining Guides

All interactive Video Training Guides may be found here.

Sponsor and Site Application Worksheets

The worksheets below are to be used as a guide of what information is asked for during the completion of your NSLP Sponsor and Sponsor Site Applications

FSMC Guidelines for Intial and Renewal Years

Note: If you partipate in both SNP (NSLP) and CACFP Program you will be required to complete a FSMC Contract Fact Sheet for your SNP Application.

User's Manual

PEARS SNP Sponsor User's Manual (PDF)

Point-of-Sale (POS) File Specifications

The file below contains the specifications that are provided for sponsors to work with their POS Vendors in creating a Claim Upload file.