Report Unemployment Compensation Fraud Here

Owning integrity is a responsibility we take very seriously. Unemployment compensation fraud is not only a crime, it raises the cost of unemployment compensation insurance for all Pennsylvania taxpayers. Through our Office of Integrity, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry is committed to the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of those who commit, or attempt to commit, unemployment compensation fraud. If you know of:
  • Someone who is collecting unemployment insurance and still working, or
  • An employer paying wages under the table
We encourage you to report fraudulent activity by using the links below or by calling our Pennsylvania UC Fraud Hotline at 800-692-7469.
Below, you will find the various types of fraud you may report by clicking on the appropriate link. You may submit the information through this site or print the form and mail it directly to us along with any attachments or supporting information. Should you prefer to phone us with your information, please review the report fraud forms to ensure you supply sufficient information at the time of your call. We thank you in advance for your assistance.
If the information you have does not fit into any of these categories, please check the links provided to report other types of fraud.
Use this form to report individuals collecting Pennsylvania unemployment compensation benefits illegally. This type of fraud may include persons who are working and not reporting their wages for PA UC benefit purposes; or persons who cannot work due to an illness, disability, or incarceration.
Use this form to report employers who evade unemployment compensation taxes. This type of fraudulent conduct may include:
  • Payment of wages under the table
  • Failure to register as an employer with the Department of Labor & Industry
  • Failure to report all employees or wages paid
  • Assiting an employee in filing a fraudulent claim for UC benefits
Use this form to report inappropriate behavior by Department of Labor & Industry employees involved in the administration of unemployment compensation programs. This type of inappropriate behavior may include:
  • Preferential treatment to a claimant or employer
  • Discrimination in the delivery of services
  • Theft or diversion of monies or services
  • Conspiracy with claimants or employers to violate the law
  • Disclosure of confidential information
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