Victims of Juvenile Offenders (VOJO) 2014

Office of Victims' Services
Request for Applications

Victims of Juvenile Offenders (VOJO) 2014

Funding Announcement and Guidelines (.pdf)

The applications must be electronically submitted in the PCCD Egrants System. 

Announcement Date:   February 27, 2014
Deadline for application submission:
  April 8, 2014

Late submissions and materials not received in Egrants will not be considered.

Agencies eligible for participation: 
All county prosecutor’s offices, juvenile probation offices, or community-based victim service programs, or a combination of the three, are eligible applicants.  Any funding attributed to the county’s allocation is to be directed to the activities that are consistent with the Victims’ Bill of Rights and the prosecutor’s office and juvenile probation office’s responsibilities as outlined in the Crime Victims Act (Act 85 of 2002) and Pennsylvania’s Rules of Juvenile Court Procedure.  PCCD’s Consolidated Victim Service Program Standards must be utilized as a guide for the provision of procedural services for VOJO-funded programs.  The continued release of funds is contingent upon the subgrantee’s or its designee’s fulfillment of reporting and training requirements established by PCCD for VOJO funding.

Since counties are responsible for the provision of all the required basic services, in order to receive VOJO funding, cooperative agreements among the responsible parties (county prosecutor’s office, juvenile probation or community-based victim service programs) must be developed in order to coordinate the provision of these services.  Cooperative agreements shall clearly specify the services being provided by the designated agency.  In cases where a county has designated more than one agency to provide the services, a cooperative agreement shall exist with each individual designee that clearly defines the services for which the agency is responsible for providing.  In addition, designees providing services to more than one county shall have cooperative agreements with each detailing the services being provided to victims of that county.

In order to ensure that all VOJO funded services are being provided and coordinated with the district attorney’s office, juvenile probation office, and any relevant county office which is responsible for each of the various services, the funded agency must agree to actively participate in providing information to PCCD as part of the reporting requirements and must participate in any monitoring or technical assistance required by PCCD.

Each program must indicate as part of the application process that all of the criteria listed above are met and be able to provide supporting documentation to the Local Policy Board and/or PCCD upon request.

Contact Person:  
Please feel free to contact PCCD if there are any questions concerning this announcement.  Program-related questions should be directed to Vicki McCloskey of the Office of Victims’ Services at (717) 265-8746 or   Fiscal or budgetary questions should be directed to James Stank at (717) 265-8510 or

Questions concerning the Egrants system should be made directly to the Egrants Help Desk by phoning (717) 787-5887 or toll-free within Pennsylvania at (800) 692-7292, option 9 and then option 6.  Please note:  While Egrants will accept your application up until midnight of the due date, Help Desk staff will not be available after 4:00 p.m.