Gambling Addiction Resources & Links
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The list of websites has been compiled to help you better understand the issue of problem gambling.  Some of these sites refer to research on problem gambling, some refer to self-help groups, and others are sites to organizations that focus on raising the awareness and education level of the general public around public gambling.

Reading List On Gambling Addiction (PDF)

College Students and Gambling Presentation

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Pennsylvania Lottery


Pennsylvania Racing Commission


Responsible Gambling Council (Ontario)


Credit Counseling Centers of America


eGambling: The Electronic Journal of Gambling Issues (EJGI)


Institute for Research on Pathological Gambling and Related Disorders


National Center for Responsible Gaming




National Council on Problem Gambling


McGill University Youth Gambling Research & Treatment Clinic


Wanna Bet?


Louisiana Office for Gambling


Gamblers Anonymous


Council On Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey


Pa Council on Compulsive Gambling


Association of Problem Gambling Service Administrators


National Gambling Impact Study Commission (NGISC)