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General Fund Budget
for the 
2015-2016 Fiscal Year and 2016 Calendar Year

PDE-2028 is the uniform budget form required to be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) by all school districts, career and technology centers, charter schools, and special program jointures.  The information on this page has been updated for 2015-2016 fiscal year and 2016 calendar year budget reporting.  Software for prior years is available on our FTP site.

The Downloads section below contains links to the self-extracting Microsoft Access-based software, instruction manuals, and the Manual of Accounting.

Budget Adoption Deadlines

Preliminary Budget / Resolution Not to Exceed Index (school districts only)
School districts that operate on a fiscal year basis must adopt the 2015-2016 Preliminary General Fund Budget by February 18, 2015.  PDE must receive the budget -- both electronically and on paper -- within five days of adoption or by February 23, 2015. 
In lieu of a preliminary budget, school districts may adopt a resolution pursuant to section 311(d)(1) of the Taxpayer Relief Act (SS Act 1 of 2006).  The resolution must be adopted no later than January 29, 2015, and submitted to PDE no later than five days after adoption.

Final Budget (school districts, career and technology centers, charter schools, jointures)
The deadline for school districts, career and technology centers, charter schools, and special program jointures to adopt the 2015-2016 Final General Fund Budget is June 30, 2015.  The deadline for submission to PDE is no later than 15 days after final adoption.  The PDE-2028 is subject to the provisions of Section 2552.1 of the School Code.

See the Overview of Budget Timelines and Terminology document for additional details.



The following links contain the 2015-2016 PDE-2028, self-extracting Access software package and
instruction manuals.  Please note that a full or Runtime version of Microsoft Access 2010 is required

PDE-2028:  Main Program v 1.0  (EXE)   12/3/14
        2015-2016 full software package, version 1.0

 User Manual Part 1  (PDF)   12/3/14
General instructions for all users on installation and use of software package;
        includes instructions for submission of budget to PDE (see
FTP Upload Procedures)

     User Manual Part 2  (PDF)   12/3/14
        Detailed instructions on complex areas within the PDE-2028

     User Manual Part 3  (PDF)   12/3/14
        Specific instructions for importing revenue and expenditure data into PDE-2028

        Revenue function import list  (PDF)

        Expenditure function-object import list  (PDF)


     Chart of Accounts
Link to Office of Comptroller Operations website containing the Manual of Accounting,
        which includes the Chart of Accounts (chapter 20).
Other Important Information

The following files contain excerpts from the Pennsylvania Public School Code pertaining to the required use of PDE-2028, limitations on certain fund balances, and school districts located in multiple counties.

     24 PS 6-687(a)  (PDF)
School code text referencing the annual budget, including required public inspection certification.

     Fund Balance Limitations  (PDF)
Information related to limits pursuant to 24 PS 6-688, enacted by Act 48 of 2003, pertaining to
        school district limitations on ending unreserved
undesignated fund balance (now unassigned) when
        raising real estate taxes (this pertains to
final budget only).

        Note:  see Accounting Bulletin 2010-1 for information about new terminology for fund balance

     24 PS 6-672.1  (PDF) 
School code section related to school districts lying in more than one county or in more than one

For additional information, please contact:

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