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How effective is our system at meeting the needs of our students with gifted IEPs?  What is the probability that our students with a GIEP will reach the Advanced level on a future PSSA assessment?  All learners, including those receiving gifted education services, need challenging curriculum and instructional strategies designed to support them to maximize their performance. A number of PVAAS reports are now available that will allow educators to view data specifically for students with a GIEP.

Performance Diagnostic Reports
Generate the report for the GIEP subgroup by clicking on the "Select Subgroups" link located above the graph.

  • Examine the progress of students with a GIEP at each grade level and subject area.
    • Did gifted students this past year meet or exceed the standard for PA Academic Growth? What about in prior years with different groups of gifted students?
    • How does the progress of your GIEP students compare to the progress of non-GIEP students?


Projection Summary Report

  • Generate the report for the GIEP subgroup by clicking on the "Select Subgroups" link located above the table and graph.
  • Observe the number and percentage of GIEP students in each probability range of scoring in the Advanced range on a future PSSA at each grade level and subject area.
    • Are we identifying the appropriate students in need of additional enrichment opportunities? Could these supports increase the number of students reaching an Advanced level of performance?
    • Are we differentiating instruction accordingly and providing challenging opportunities to meet the needs of these students?


Student Search

  • Use the Student Search feature to generate Student Projection Reports for GIEP students by selecting "Gifted Education" under demographics.
  • These reports are helpful in assisting teachers in developing flexible groups for instructional purposes.
    • Are PVAAS projections being used in decisions regarding meeting the needs of students with GIEPs so that students are placed in appropriately challenging courses and provided appropriate enrichment opportunities?