Agency User Manager

If your agency has a User Manager, follow these steps:

1.    On the Join Agency page, enter a reason for the request for access to this agency in the “Reason for Request” text box. 

2.    Select either All or the specific Grant ID number from the Grant ID-Project dropdown box.

3.    Select the roles(s) that you are requesting within the agency from the Roles Requested drop down menu.  You may select more than one from the six offered.  Select the Add Role Request button after selecting each role to add it to the page. 

4.    Submit the request for roles via Egrants to your User Manager by selecting the Submit Request button.

5.    Egrants will notify your User manager via Work Manager in Egrants to review your request.

6.    Make your User Manager aware of which grants for your agency that you would like to access. You will receive an Alert via Egrants Work Manager when you are provided with security. 

a.    If you are approved, you will have the access requested in Egrants effective with this notification

b.  If you are not approved, contact your User Manager directly to learn why access was not granted.

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