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Grants & Subsidies

Grants and Subsidies

The PA Department of Education presents, in one location, information on its state and federal grants available to the Commonwealth. In a user-friendly format, you will find all different types of grants from across the agency by program area. In addition, many program descriptions include hot-links to other important related areas of the PDE web page.

The eGrants system was developed by the PA Department of Education to enable submission of applications over the Internet. This quick and convenient system is available for many federal and state grants. Currently the Adult Basic & Literacy Education, Career and Technical Education, Major Federal Programs, Special Education/Early Intervention and Safe and Drug Free Schools are using the eGrants system for grant applications.  Please review the grant information below to learn how to apply using eGrants.  For additional information about eGrants, please call (888) 498-8129 or e-mail:

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Ready to Learn Block Grant

Other Related Grants and Funding Lists

The eGrants system is designed to allow licensed educational agencies and certain community-based programs within the Commonwealth online access to many of the PA Department of Education grants.

Visit eGrants website.

The Ready to Learn eGrant (RTL) Guidelines offer LEAs information regarding the eGrant including eligible strategies and contact information for each strategy to address LEA specific questions regarding best practices.

2014-15 Ready to Learn Guidelines

Federal Grants - General Administration

You may also use a   free resource for k-12 teachers  for finding opportunities by visiting the Grant Wrangler website.

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