ARRA JAG Training

All subgrantees receiving ARRA JAG funds are required to view this 30 minute Webex training on ARRA JAG special conditions and requirements.  The training must be viewed within sixty (60) days of the grant project start date by the Project Director, Financial Officer, and Primary Contact listed in Egrants.  ARRA JAG payments will not be released until all required personnel have fulfilled this requirement.

The below documents are available for you to download and print:

ARRA JAG Training Powerpoint
ARRA JAG Subgrant Conditions
ARRA JAG Certification

To Register and View the Training:

Go to the Required ARRA JAG Training on the Webex Site.

Click the grey Playback box. 

A registration box will pop up and you will be asked to "please provide the following information to view this recording".  Provide all required information (Name, Email Address, Company, and Title) and click the
Submit button when finished.  After clicking the Submit button the presentation will automatically open up and begin playing on your screen.

Please contact PCCD Webmaster if you are unable to access the Webex site from this page.